Who We Are

who we are

A multidisciplinary team of experts with 20years experience in scientific areas of metabolomics, genomics, nutrition, nutrigenomics, physical activity and athletic performance. We have developed Imon Med: a biohacking  company focused on nutrition, health and wellness management.

Using state-of-the-art technology and biotechnology along with mix-omics applied science on human genome, we provide hyper- personalized nutritherapies


why I-M-O-N MED


As a result of life expectancy and the sedentary lifestyle of people, the prevalence of lifestyle associated disorders are expected to witness increase over the next decades. These diseases demand proper prevention, started from proper nutrition. Modern climatic conditions, increasing pollution and new viruses, create a totally new world where the proper......

the method

mHealth assisted

Using digital health tools (mobile app and IoT) and biotechnological products (specialized lab tests) IMON METHOD envisaged to be a modern, integrated solution for remote nutrition, health assessment and management.