Corporate Wellbeing

In I-M-O-N we provide exceptional corporate wellbeing programs aiming for employees’  total health and high performance. Applying I- M-O-N METHODOS as a holistic approach on a personalized base, we address physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of an individual’s health. Such a comprehensive approach will not only enhance the health and wellness of employees but also contribute to better job performance, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism. The framework of I-M-O-N holistic corporate
wellbeing program includes:
A)Physical Health:
– Health Assessment: In order to achieve early detection and management of potential health problems, we propose a Lab Testing procedure with the DIY I-M-O-N LAB Tests and results analysis by I-M-O-N experts
– Personal Exercise Plan and Ergonomic assessment: We propose a scalable plan for beneficial physical activity and exercise.
– Healthy Eating: We propose a precision nutrition plan and promote healthy eating habits.
– Personalized therapies and health goals treatments
B) Mental and Emotional Health:
– Stress Management: I-M-O-N METHODOS can achieve total stress management.
– Counseling Services: We propose and provide access to professional therapists or counselors.

C) Professional Development and Growth:
– Training and Workshops: New healthy lifestyle enhancement and learning opportunities on I-M-O-N METHODOS for self-management

D) Feedback Mechanisms: Regular feedback helps in personal health and professional growth.

Achieving total health and high performance is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort, resources, and commitment from both the organization and its emplo.