Wellness Retreats

I-M-O-N in cooperation with top level experts provide awarded Holistic health & overall well-being programs and wellness retreats in resorts, hotels, and clubs.  These retreats are actually based on the theory of HIPPOCRATES through modern practices and principles from metabolic personalized health, total well-being, precision medicine and functional, metabolic, nutritional, lifestyle medicine).

Using the innovative I-M-O-N METHODOS we effectively combine and collaborate the resources of luxury places like resorts, hotels, clubs etc. to provide a unique well-being experience. Here are some of the most desired holistic health programs and wellness retreat offerings that can lead to total health, rehabilitation, and high performance:

Detox Retreats, Holistic Healing Retreats, Personalized fitness routines, Stress Relief and Burnout Retreats, Weight Management retreats, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Retreats, Rehabilitation Retreats and more

Our team also elaborates one of the world’s top programmes, the IMMOT – Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic homeostasis Therapy. This programme supports you towards becoming your own healer through physical and psychoemotional balancing sessions that include clinical tests, mindful customized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, metabolic and physical rehabilitation, respiratory exercises, scientifically targeted body workout, rejuvenation of the skin and psychosomatic awareness.