Lifestyle Impact on Health

Modern way of life is more than demanding, affecting radically our metabolic function. Factors like noise pollution, light pollution, air pollution exposures, climate , radiation, food quality, smoking, drugs, stress, anxiety, bad sleep, bad psychology, lack of joy, seductive life, disturb inner cell structures and affect our circadian rhythm.

Human body has natural defense mechanisms, especially under intense metabolic conditions where elastic survival models are activated keeping energy production increased.  This mechanism has metabolic cost and too much cellular waste and gradually leads to cellular inflammation, metabolic dysregulation and disease. Over 40 million people in Europe are estimated that they will finally become sick in the next years from this model of life.

Post-covid metabolic conditions

Today, in the post-covid era, 3 conditions that are now fully evaluated scientifically are coming to help, solve and open new horizons in preventive health and precision medicine.

  1. Metabolic Rigidness (Metabolic “Akamsia”), the condition in which the human metabolism does not adapted efficiently to the maintenance of vital functions through food, exercise, rehabilitation, stress and more
  2. Cellular / Mitochondrial congestion, the situation where inside the factories of the cells there is intense crowding of raw material energy, through dysfunctional metabolic switches, active compensatory responses, promotion of bioenergy, hyper-anabolic enhancement and finally increased production of lipids, glucose and toxic waste after the meal
  3. Metabolic Gridlock, the chronic condition, due to the chronic maladaptation caused by the above two conditions and leads to the expression of bad genes, the maladaptation of fat cells, the local inflammation of adipose tissue and the continuous dissolution of fat, but not the burning of it

These conditions were understood for the first-time thousands of years ago, by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, who defined them with the term “Dyscrasia”  (imbalance of the four basic fluids of the body and its state of heat). According to Hippocrates, any disease that came from a chronic or acute Dyscrasia.

I-M-O-N METHOD innovative approach

The overall intervention in the problem of “Dyscrasia” is based on the patented method  “I-M-O-N METHODOS”, an innovative method, which joints together the holistic nature of ancient traditional methods of medical treatment along with the fully – specialized modern body sciences. Through 30 years of targeted research, the I-M-O-N team has managed to create a comprehensive program of metabolic wellness through cellular reprogramming and regulation of bioenergetic performance.

The Method is unique and provides, an in-depth detection, evaluation and overall management of total health focusing at the cellular level, with the use of remote technology and innovative scientific algorithms. The data of special biological measurements and tests that are performed in a simple way with the help of a specially designed tool for collecting biological material – IMON HEALTH KIT (drops of blood, urine, saliva, feces and microbiome on the skin) are automatically recorded and analyzed in the user’s electronic file and:

  • Total Health Evaluation

the three above situations are determined with absolute accuracy, reliability and speed through qualitative and quantitative estimation of specific key biomarkers for human metabolism. The processing is carried out in an internationally authorized research center in  Greece, with the help of top- class Academic Professors and Researchers. (, ).

  • Assessment

the dysfunction of individual body organs and biological systems are assessed accordingly, in real conditions physically or remotely using biotechnology tools and modules (click here, IMON APP).

  • Self-Body Regulation

metabolic networks self-regulate, through a corresponding adaptation of the phenotype (nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, hydration, mental health). The program identifies the real causes of physical problems or ailments and accordingly aims to solve them with the aim of the exclusive application/use of natural means or progressive minimization of any external stimuli (eg drugs).

Health & Wellbeing with I-M-O-N METHODOS

With I-M-O-N METHODOS we help you to create and maintain a healthy metabolic rate of energy production, through:

  • Metabolic Wellness
  • Balanced oxidative stress
  • Normal metabolic function of organs and tissues to maintain the resilient bioenergetic networks in human health

Any bad expression of the human genome is removed and the good genotype is promoted.

No health surprises Anymore!!!  We listen, find and provide you the most appropriately configured “intelligent” solutions of today, for an ideal health and a perfect yourself . This is the deeper meaning behind I-M-O-N.  I-M-Ó-N~ (E-m-ó-n / Is Made Of Nature) was perceived as an attempt to contemplate the aural mirroring of the 1. homonym ancient Greek words ημών ~ [meaning ours] and 2. υμών ~ [meaning yours] 3. The invisible, but conceivable link connecting any cell to the universe, the small and the big, ourselves to the whole.