why I-M-O-N MED


As a result of life expectancy and the sedentary lifestyle of people, the prevalence of lifestyle associated disorders are expected to witness increase over the next decades. These diseases demand proper prevention, started from proper nutrition. Modern climatic conditions, increasing pollution and new viruses, create a totally new world where the proper, high quality food is not only a need but a medicine also.  The official nutritional guidelines are based on generalities: eat more fruits and vegetables; eat less processed foods, sugars, and red meat. The limited access to proper energy sources - through nutrition - that will boost our health and immunity system and keep as young and happy is a privilege for a small number of lucky preople. The need for precision management based on lifestyle and health profile and using "smart" biofunctional products as "tools" is a must!

I-M-O-N MED is a breakthrough scientific approach :

IMÓN~ (E-m-ó-n / Is Made Of Nature) was perceived as an attempt to contemplate the aural mirroring of the 1. homonym ancient Greek words ημών ~ [meaning ours] and 2. υμών ~ [meaning yours] 3. The invisible, but conceivable link connecting any cell to the universe, the small and the big, ourselves to the whole.

MED is coming up from: MEDical / MEDiterranean/ MEtabolicDiscrasia

At Ι-Μ-Ο-Ν MED, we use scientific excellence and mindfulness to develop and provide state – of – the art neurotherapies based on precision nutrition and applied mix-omics techniques along with high - tech tools. The result of all this applied life science is I-M-O-N METHOD, an integrated method for remote nutrition, health assessment and management. Using digital health tools (mobile app and IoT) and biotechnological products (specialized lab tests), the user can personalize the method, in order to have "smart" nutrition and health management. Through highly specialized medical-nutritional-exercise and metabolic - key indicators, derived from special algorithms the user can dynamically approach health and nutritional goals.

The method resulted after 20years experience from a multidisciplinary team of experts in scientific areas of metabolomics, genomics, nutrition, nutrigenomics and physical activity and athletic performance. It is scientifically proven, wide scale tested (more than 30.000 users) and patented

Precision Nutrition

I-M-O-N MED is an emerging approach - based on Precision Nutrition - for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.

Precision Nutrition also referred to as personalized nutrition has been achieved thanks to scientific research due to technological advances in food production, food biology and human biology.


By applying -omics techniques for studies of human and food biology such as :

-Nutrigenomics: Study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression.

-Metabolomics: Scientific study of chemical processes involving metabolites.

-Proteomic, Large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions, etc.

gradually I-M-O-N ΜΕD  has developed ´´Hyper personalized nutritional plans´, adjusted perfectly on each individual, meeting his daily body needs, achieving longevity as well as physical and mental well-being.

This trend follows the Precision nutrition, which is supported by bio-functional products - top-notch food products - developed by science and technology breakthroughs!

who we are

A multidisciplinary team of experts with 20years experience in scientific areas of metabolomics, genomics, nutrition, nutrigenomics, physical activity and athletic performance. We have developed Imon Med: a biohacking  company focused on nutrition, health and wellness management.

the method

mHealth assisted

Using digital health tools (mobile app and IoT) and biotechnological products (specialized lab tests) IMON METHOD envisaged to be a modern, integrated solution for remote nutrition, health assessment and management.