the method

the method

mHealth assisted

Using digital health tools (mobile app and IoT) and biotechnological products (specialized lab tests) IMON METHOD envisaged to be a modern, integrated solution for remote nutrition, health assessment and management.

The user can experience the optimum health and wellness through metabolic function. He can hyper-personalize the method, in order to have "smart" nutrition and health management. Through highly specialized medical-nutritional-exercise and metabolic - key indicators, derived from special algorithms the user can dynamically approach health and nutritional goals.

Mindful Nutrition

The ΙΜΟΝ ΜΕD approach starts with a mindful nutrition management and leads to attain an optimum ORGANISATION with high performance cell function. This approach is enveloped through a number of concreate Nutritherapy – Programs.

Roadmap for Ideal Health

ΙΜΟΝ METHOD is a roadmap towards ideal health. This method achieves to evaluate in high accuracy, the overall metabolic and health profile of the user, in order to provide tele- recommendations and tele- monitoring through frequent re-evaluation. The goal is to eliminate any pathophysiological disorders, to stabilize the production of energy through fat burning and the metabolic well-being management via natural means.

The roadmap towards “Ideal Health” is based on following steps   :


All steps are supported - via special mobile apps - by a whole team of : NUTRITIONISTS, METABOLIC DOCTORS, MEDICAL EXPERTS, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EXPERTS, PHYCOLOGISTS  etc


IMON METHOD has been developed and supported by a multidisciplinary highly experienced scientific team.  It can be enveloped and gradually specialized, into hyper- personalised health and............

why I-M-O-N MED


As a result of life expectancy and the sedentary lifestyle of people, the prevalence of lifestyle associated disorders are expected to witness increase over the next decades.

who we are

A multidisciplinary team of experts with 20years experience in scientific areas of metabolomics, genomics, nutrition, nutrigenomics, physical activity and athletic performance. We have developed Imon Med: a biohacking  company focused on nutrition, health and wellness management.

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